About Us

Dedicated to excellence through quality service, achieved by creating a motivated and dedicated workplace

NORTON LILLY INTERNATIONAL (PANAMA), S.A. began operations on the Isthmus in 1925

Founded by John Norton in 1841 in the burgeoning international shipping center of New York Harbor, Norton Lilly International has a long-standing reputation of meeting and exceeding the shipping needs of clients around the world.

Norton Lilly opened offices in the Panama Canal Zone in 1925, and today is one of the largest of nearly 30 agencies in Panama, representing approximately 15% of all commercial vessels operating in the Panama Canal and local ports. Maintaining two offices strategically located at the north and south ends of the Panama Canal, we are well positioned to serve the needs of our principals for canal transits as well as cargo operations and vessel requirements at the surrounding ports and anchorage areas. In addition to our longstanding presence in Panama, we are part of the greater Norton Lilly network with offices throughout North America and the Caribbean (www.nortonlilly.com). On a global scale, Norton Lilly International are stakeholders in the global agency, S5 Agency World Ltd. (www.s-5.org). Through our affiliation with North Lilly North America, the largest provider of agency services in North America, and S5 Agency World, our business operations in Panama benefit from added commercial and operational depth not afforded to the majority of our competitors.

Our History

1841 - John Norton books his first cargo of kerosene aboard a small sailing ship bound for South America .Norton & Co. is formed.

1886 - Captains Frank Strachan and George P. Walker founded Strachan Shipping Agency.

1907 - Norton & Co. becomes Norton Lilly & Company.

1916 - H.F.Kerr and A.E.Clegg form Kerr Steamship.

1977 - Kerr Steamship incorporates.

1925 - Norton Lilly opens offices at the Panama Canal.

1971 - Containerization and computerization take Norton Lilly into a dramatic transitional period.

1994 - Norton Lilly International acquires Kerr Steamship and forms Kerr Norton Marine.

1999 - Messrs. Win Thurber & Schley Rutherford of Mobile, Alabama purchase Strachan Shipping Agency.

2002 - Norton Lilly International and the Strachan Shipping Agency join together.

2004 - Norton Lilly International launches offices in Puerto Rico and Mexico

2004 - Norton Lilly International becomes stakeholder in S5 Agency World Ltd.

2004 - Agency network established covering Caribbean ports, Central, South America.

2005 - H.W.Thurber, III named to the International Maritime Hall of Fame.

2005 - Waldron International Shipping and Norton Lilly International Hawail form an alliance.

2006 - Norton Lilly International launches office in Barbados and Trinidad.

2007 - Norton Lilly International opens office in Guam.

2011 - Norton Lilly Panama moves head office from Colon to Panama City.