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Estimated capacity of 19 – 21 vessels daily due to tentative lane outage at the Panama Canal

PANAMA FLASH! – Panama City – June 7th, 2023

Canal Authority informs of a tentative lane outage to facilitate maintenance for the following dates:

June 27th – July 4th  –  8 days     – Gatun East Lane   –  Booking condition 2    –   Estimated capacity  19 – 21 vessels daily

These maintenances have not been confirmed yet by the Canal Authority, however if scheduled as indicated,  the canal capacity will be reduced and demand for transit booking, as customary, will exceed the slots available.   The Transit Reservation System (booking) for the Panamax locks will be declared at Condition 2 (reduced slots). The waiting times for non-booked vessels anticipate increasing due to the reduced capacity.

Booking slots are allocated according to the customer weighted ranking and three additional slots (2 for supers and 1 for regulars) will be offered daily via the auction process with a minimum and initial bid of $55,000.00 for Supers and $15,000.00 for regulars; In order to avoid delays we suggest reserving a transit slot while the second period slots are available.

Panamax locks Schedule Locks Maintenance Outages


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