Gatun Locks (West) Dry Chamber Works- September 10th, 2021

ADV37-2001 – Gatun Locks (West – Dry Chamber Works) Sept 23rd – 24th 2021 (2days)

The Panama Canal Authority has announced Gatun Locks  (West Side ) dry chamber works scheduled for September 23rd and 24th, 2021.

It is anticipated that the number of vessels to be scheduled in condition no. 2 will be 18/20 vessels.

We will be grateful to take into consideration to anticipate obtaining transit booking slot to guarantee the transit of your vessel.

As usual also during this maintenance period the number of booking applications will far exceeds the number of spaces offered.

BOOKING DATESUPER (over 91ft beam)REGULAR (under 91ft beam)
SEPT. 23RD00010404
SEPT. 24TH00000404
SEPT. 25TH01010303
SEPT. 26TH00000202
SEPT. 27TH00000202
SEPT. 28TH04020303
SEPT. 29TH01030303
SEPT. 30TH03060404

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How can we help?

  • Booking system – secure booking slots via 1st period, 2nd period, and 3rd period booking competition.
  • Booking auction – submitting bids to secure booking auction slots.
  • Pre-Arrival – coordinating with the vessel Master for timely submission of all pre-arrival information within 96 hours pre-arrival as required by the Panama Canal Authority.
  • Transit Guarantees – payment to the Panama Canal Authority.
  • Maiden Transit – coordination with vessel owner and the Panama Canal Authority to insure vessels are in compliance for a 1st time passing of the Panama Canal.
  • Owners matters – coordination of bunkering, collection of bunker samples, CTM, crew changes, provisions and supplies, spare parts transfer, surveys, repairs and maintenance.

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