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Panama Canal New structure of Maritime Services tariffs

PANAMA FLASH!New structure of Maritime Services tariffs (related and complementary)

Panama City – July 13th, 2023

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announces modifications of Maritime Services tariffs (related and complementary). The proposed new structure of Maritime Services tariffs simplifies the current tariff structure, providing greater efficiency in the billing process, adding value to customers, and improving customer experience.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 18 of the Panama Canal Organic Law, the Cabinet Council of the Republic of Panama has approved rate changes for selected transit related services, after recommendations by the ACP Board of Directors. Additionally, the ACP Board of Directors and its administration considers appropriate to restructure the current tariffs for selected Maritime Complementary Services.

The modification of the tariff’s structure of Maritime Services tariffs (related and complementary) includes:

a. Additional Maritime Complementary Services tariffs due to new operational requirements.

b. Additional Maritime Complementary Services tariffs, currently offered under the Commercial Services tariffs.

c. Consolidation of tariffs and changes in the tariff structure, codes, and descriptions. New alphanumeric codes are introduced to identify incidental and mandatory tariffs. As part of the consolidation, some tariffs were adjusted to consider the weighted average of tariff mixes, in accordance with operational vessel categories (Regulars, Supers, Neopanamax).

d. Elimination of tariffs that are no longer required.

e. Adjustments of tariffs that have not been modified in more than five years.

A summary of the modifications, to become effecting January 1, 2024, including the list of tariffs in the new structure containing details and specifications, may be reviewed in the following link:

Attached ADV34-2023, comparing the current tariff with the new tariff, which will come into effect on January 1st, 2024, as obtained from the provided link.


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