Panama Canal is currently experiencing transit delays for vessels without booking


Panama Canal is currently experiencing transit delays for vessels without booking.

The current waiting times (days) are indicated as follows:


Neo: Over 107ft beam,  Supers: 91ft to 106ft beam,  Regulars: Less than 91ft beam, Panamax Plus : Supers with draft greater than 12.04m TFW.

The increase in waiting times is a result of several factors including high numbers of arrivals, daily transit vessel mix and vessel transit restrictions, reduction in the booking slots available, as well as some operational delays.

As announced in ACP Advisory ADV 28-2020, locks maintenance has been scheduled:

  • August 13 (12 hours) East Lane Gatun Locks, and also
  • August 25-26 (34 hours) West lane Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks.

The water conservation measures in effect since February 15, 2020 have resulted in ongoing reduction in overall daily transit capacity.

As a result of the increased waiting times, we have noticed a higher demand for a limited number of booking slots as well as increased participation in the booking auction.

Demand for booking slots exceed the number of booking slot available with available slot being awarded to vessels with higher customer ranking.

Locks maintenance at Gatun Locks was completed this early morning, August 14, and as of this morning at 0001 hrs, 90 vessels were waiting for transits including:  17 Neopanamax, 2 Panamax Plus, 60 Supers, and 11 Regulars.

For the next few days, the ACP is expected to schedule more lockages in the daily schedule;  for August 15 there are 35 vessels scheduled for transit which should help to alleviate the queue of vessels waiting.

Norton Lilly Operations Team are available 24 hours to assist in answering any questions regarding booking slots available and the booking auction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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