PANAMA FLASH NEWSLETTER – January 13th , 2020

RE: PANAMA CANAL AUTHORITY – New Surcharge Depending on Gatun Lake Levels

Surcharge Effective February 15th, 2020

Panama Canal Authorities will be implementing a fresh water surcharges established with two components:

  • The first is a fixed charge of B / .10,000 for each vessel 91 feet wide or more.
  • The second, a variable component, a surcharge determined based on the tonnage of the vessel and which depends exclusively on the level of Gatun Lake.

The Panama Canal Administrator Dr. Ricaurte Vasquez explained today am in a Press Conference that the “  variable component” surcharge will ranges between a minimum of 1%

with the lake at its maximum level and 10% with the lake at its minimum level.

The Panama Canal Authority has scheduled a meeting today 1530hrs with additional details and the official Advisory notice to the Maritime Industry.

These changes in the cargo structure of the Panama Canal will take effect from February 15, 2020 and represent the short and medium term action plan.

This afternoon a communication will be issued to customers indicating that the Canal will be operating under condition 1.A., which reduces the number of seats reserved for transit from 32 to 27.

“In the long term, the objective of the Canal is to ensure business sustainability and for this, work is being done to identify, design, pay and eventually execute the necessary investments that reduce the exclusive dependence on the rain regime.”

ADV02-2020 Panama Canal Water Conservation Strategies

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