PANAMA FLASH NEWSLETTER – January 28th , 2020

RE: Fresh water surcharge – Based on Gatun Lake Levels & Vessel tolls.

  1. A fixed fee of $10,000.00/$5,000.00/$2,500.00 per vessel transit length overall – divided in 3 tiers or segments
  2. variable percentage charge depending on the Gatun Lake levels.

Gatun Lake Level reading will be rounded to one decimal place, as measures at 12:00 on the day prior the vessel transits.

The Panama Canal Authority will provide a direct link to access Gatun Lake Level measured for calculation of the variable portion and will also include a 60 days projection.

The Freshwater surcharge formula below will be applicable when Gatun Lake Level is equal or lower than 85.5feet.

The Freshwater surcharge for the variable portion will be 1% when Gatun Lake Level is over 85.5feet.

Transit Condition Change.

Beginning Saturday, February 15, 2020, and until further notice, Condition 1.a will be in effect for the Panamax locks. Applications for reserved transits under this booking condition will be received beginning at 0900 hours, Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Payment of the transit reservation system – booking slot allocated.

As of February 15th, the booking fee for slots obtained during period 1,  1.A and period 2 (including the special booking period for passenger vessel )

shall be paid 48hrs after the slot is allocate.  If the payment is not received within the required time the slot will be voided.

Slot awarded during the 3rd period will be assessed with the toll invoice (same manner as of today).

Booking Periods:

Special Period: Commercial Passenger Vessels – 730 to 366 days prior to the requested transit date.

Normal Periods:

First Period – For the Panamax locks, from 365 to 22 days prior to the requested transit date.

For the Neopanamax locks, from 365 to 81 days prior to the requested transit date.

Period 1.a – For Neopanamax locks only, from 80 to 22 days prior to the requested transit date.

Second Period – 21 to 4 days prior to the requested transit date.

Third Period – 3 to 2 days prior to the requested transit date Note:

Auctioned booking slot

Two (2) additional slots will be offered through the auction process during the 3rd period only as follow:

-One (1) Supers (vessels of 91 ft beam up to 107 ft) Starting bid $35,000.00
-One (1) Regulars (Vessels under 91 ft beam)         Starting bid $15,000.00

During any booking period (except special period for passenger vessels) for all vessel’s category (Super, regular, Neo-Panamax).

Any slot that become available due to a cancellation, change in date , early transit of pre-booked vessels or other reasons. Will be offered in the following manner:

  • If all slot for a particular vessel’s category have been awarded, and a slot become available, the slot will be offered through an auction process.
  • If there is no interested vessels in the auctioned slot, the slot will become available to any interested vessel on  a first come- First-serve basis for reminder of the period.

If there are still slots available for the same date where the slot becomes available, then the slot will be offered in a first come first serve basis.

If the slot becomes available the day preceding a competition for that date (1st, 1.a or 2nd period) the slot will be offered through the normal competition process

Biding will be starting price will be as follow:

-Neo-Panamax      $35,000.00
-Supers           $35,000.00
-Regulars         $15,000.00

Vessel Eta Visit Creation  or  Transit itinerary creation fee:

A handling service fee will be applied to all vessels with length overall (LOA) of 38.1m (125 ft) or more.  As follow:

For vessels under 91 ft beam (regulars) the handling charge will be $1,500.00 per transit itinerary  (Regulars)

For vessels over 91 ft beam the transit itinerary creation fee will be $5,000.00 per transit itinerary (Panamax, Panamax Plus and Neopanamax).

The above mentioned fee shall be paid in full no later than 48rhs after confirmation by the ACP that the transit itinerary has been confirmed in their systems.

The fee will be deducted from the vessels tolls invoice once the vessel begins transit. If the vessel cancels the visit and therefore does not transit, the abovementioned charged will not be refunded.

ADV03-2020 Implementation of Modifications Related to the Panama Canal

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