Panama Immigration Office (SNM) – Albrook, Jan 5th .11th, 20221 (Visa Approval Protocols).– January 5th

Panama Immigration Office (SNM) – Albrook, Jan 5th .11th, 20221 (Visa Approval Protocols).

We have received a short notice today am from the Panama Immigration Authority (SNM) informing that due to the increase of positive Covi19 cases in their office, the Panama Ministry of Health Office (MINSA) ordered their offices to be closed temporarily as preventive measures from January 5th to January 11th, 2022.Panama Jan 11th, 2022,  Immigration processing visas will be closed due to National Holiday.

We will continue processing all applicant’s visas manually with complete supporting documentation of the seafarer to avoid any further delays. 

All the visa-approved during this specific period (Jan 5th – 11th 2022) will be transmitted internally to Panama Immigration Office at the Airport. The Panama Immigration Office (SNM) will be sending us on daily basis an email confirmation for all visas processed approved.

Our office will be providing you the SNM email confirmation together with the (LOG) Letter of Guarantee of the visas approved during this period to allow the seafarers to depart without any inconvenience.

Our Panama Team will be continuing at your disposal and available 24/7 to assist any further inquiry. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Whether any additional enquiry arise, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please always respond to our following group emails:

Operations Department;

Shipmanagement Team;

Courier & Spares   ;


Norton Lilly International (Panama) S.A.

Bldg. 3825  – Office 204, Howard – Panama Pacífico

Panama, Rep. of Panama

Tel: (507) 304-4600 

Fax: (507) 269-3926

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