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Modifications to the Transit Reservation System Rules Regarding the Special Auction in the Panamax Locks

     PANAMA FLASH! | Panama City – November 30th , 2023

Modifications to the Transit Reservation System Rules Regarding the Special Auction in the Panamax Locks, and Other Information

To be more equitable and reflective of our market composition in terms of cargo type, market segments economics and vessel operation scheme (liner and tramp), the Panama Canal is introducing a new rule for the special auctions for non-booked supers and regular vessels announced in Advisory to Shipping A-50-2023. This special auction slot will be offered to specific market segments arranged in three (3) groups, as per the following table:

The ACP will notify the day of the week when the slots to be auctioned will become available to each group. The specific dates when the above-mentioned groups will be allowed to participate in the special auctions will depend on the number of vessels awaiting transit in each group and will be notified through the Projected Booking Slots Availability table published daily.

In addition, depending on the present and projected level of Gatun Lake for the following weeks, effective December 2, 2023, the Panama Canal may schedule, on a temporary basis, an additional transit per day for each vessel category (Neopanamax, Super and Regular). This additional slot will be assigned to booked vessels that have already arrived at Canal waters, with 14 days or less between the booking date and the offered transit date, and will be based on arrival, depending on vessel mix and other operational factors.

This measure is a temporary service subject to operational assessment, open to all vessel types based on the arrival date, therefore, it does not represent a transit advancement service.

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