What condition will be in effect during the Scheduled Lane Outage at Pedro Miguel Locks?

Ship Agent in Panama

During the scheduled maintenance from May 9th to May 16th, 2023, the West Lane of Pedro Miguel Locks will be temporarily closed. As a result, Condition 2 will be in effect, as per OP NOTICE TO SHIPPING No. N-7-2023. Applications for reserved transit slots during this period will be accepted starting from May 6th, 2023. Please note that the Just-In-Time (JIT) transit slots for supers will be limited to one per direction, while regular vessels will maintain their one per direction allocation. The daily auction slot for supers will be reduced to one, and the daily auction slot for regulars will be suspended. Neopanamax vessels will not be affected by these changes. Due to the reduced canal capacity, demand for transit slots will likely exceed availability. Please plan accordingly as no supers slots will be offered when the 3rd period opens.

Panama Canal’s Simplified Tolls Structure Approved by Cabinet Council

The approved tolls structure, which will provide greater visibility and three-year price predictability to customers, incorporates industry feedback obtained during the formal consultation period. The Cabinet Council of the Republic of Panama has approved the tolls structure recommended by the Panama Canal Board of Directors, following a formal consultation and public hearing process that considered industry […]

Public Protests in several areas of Panama

PANAMA FLASH! Activists affiliated with several unions and organizations have been holding protests and strikes in recent days. Activists affiliated with several unions and organizations have been holding protests and strikes in recent days. The protesters gathered in several areas in the city and main roads impeding all type of public, private, passengers and cargo […]

Panama Canal Update on Precautions due to COVID-19

PANAMA FLASH! The Panama Canal Authority update on Precautions due to COVID-19 through advisory to shipping ADV-24-2022 The Panama Canal Authority through advisory to shipping ADV-24-2022 informed that the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Panama has emitted Executive Decree No. 101, on July 1, 2022, which rescinds the mandatory usage of protective masks […]

Scheduled lane outage at Miraflores locks for maintenance

Panama Flash for July 6th informs about Scheduled Lane Outage at Panama Canal Miraflores Locks and the Transit Reservation System. The Panama Canal Authority informed via Advisory to shipping ADV-21-2022 a lane outage for maintenance. Lane outage is schedule to begin at 0001 hours on Tuesday, July 12 until 2359 hours on Wednesday July 20, […]

Panama Canal announces postponement Panamax Locks Maintenance

Panama Flash for Panama Canal Locks Maintenance postponement The Panama Canal Authority informed that the Miraflores Locks maintenance outage tentatively scheduled to commence on July 4, 2022. Advisory to Shipping No. A-20-2022 announced is being rescheduled for a later date. The concurrent lane outages at Pedro Miguel and Gatun locks are also being postponed for […]

Tentative Panamax Locks Lane Outage Maintenance

RE: Panamax Locks Maintenance – June 9th, 2022 PANAMA FLASH! Panama Canal Authority informs of a tentative lane outage to facilitate maintenance for the following dates: July 4th to July 12th   8.5 days – Miraflores East Lane July 5th        1 day      – Gatun West Lane. July 7th         12 hours  –  Gatun East Lane. July […]

Implementation of Harmonized Code System 2017-HS 2017 at the Panama Canal

Please be advised that effective July 1, 2022, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) is implementing the Harmonized Code System 2017 – HS 2017. This is only a change in the file. There is no change on the B2B transmission platform; therefore, no recertification is required. Once the HS 2017 information is in force, previous versions […]

Disturbances in Colon City, Panama continue

Since May 9th, disturbances in Colon City, Panama has blocked and paralyzed completely main artery road’s between Panama City and Colon City. PANAMA FLASH! Panama City –May 11th, 2022 A civilian demonstration erupted Monday, May 9th in Colon City – Panama (Atlantic side), blocking and paralyzing completely the Alberto Motta Toll Highway and the Boyd […]