Gatun Locks (West) Dry Chamber Works- September 10th, 2021

ADV37-2001 – Gatun Locks (West – Dry Chamber Works) Sept 23rd – 24th 2021 (2days) The Panama Canal Authority has announced Gatun Locks  (West Side ) dry chamber works scheduled for September 23rd and 24th, 2021. It is anticipated that the number of vessels to be scheduled in condition no. 2 will be 18/20 vessels. […]

New Toll Proposal for Passenger Vessels – September 1st, 2021

Panama Canal Authority ADV36-2021 New Toll Proposal for Passenger Vessels The Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has approved a proposal to modify the tolls structure of passenger vessels and the regulation for the admeasurement of vessels at the Panama Canal, which will be effective on February 1, 2022. The last modifications made […]

Update to the Maximum Authorized Draft for the Neopanamax Locks – April 20th, 2021

Re:  Update to the Maximum Authorized Draft for the Neopanamax Locks ADV23-2021  – Published April 19th, 2021 Rainfall in the Panama Canal watershed during the past weeks has allowed the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) to postpone the implementation dates for the maximum authorized draft in the Neopanamax locks announced in Advisory to Shipping A-20-2021. Based […]

Panama National Holidays – March 29th, 2021

Ship Agents in Panama

Re:  Panama National Holidays During national holiday in Panama all the Government Institutions will be closed including Customs, Quarantine, Health and Immigrations.  Most private sector companies as well as Banking Institutions will be closed.  Panama Canal Operations, Terminals & Ports, Bunker Barges and husbandry services will continue operating 24/7 without any interruption. Norton Lilly Operations […]

Neopanamax draft Adjustment – March 15th, 2021

Re:  Neopanamax draft Adjustment. ADV17-2021 – March 15th, 2021 Based on the present and projected level of Gatun Lake for the upcoming weeks, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announces that effective April 13, 2021, the maximum authorized draft allowed for vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks will be 14.78 m (48.5 feet) TFW. Vessels arriving with […]

Cocoli Locks Scheduled Lane Outage – March 12th, 2021

Re:  Cocoli Locks Scheduled Lane Outage ADV16-2021 – March 12th 2021 Beginning at 0800 hours on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, until 1800 hours (10 hours), Cocoli Locks will be out of service for scheduled maintenance. As a result, and in accordance with the rules governing the Transit Reservation System (OP Notice to Shipping No. N-7-2021), […]

Transit Reservation System tariffs update – February 17th, 2021

Ref: Advisory to Shipping No. A-08-2021 | Advisory to Shipping No. A-09-2021 The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and its Board of Directors considers it appropriate to modify the existing Transit Reservation System tariffs, including charges, descriptions, and classification. These adjustments are intended to highlight the real contribution provided by the system, providing consistency with service […]

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